Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 SM-T390 Combination Firmware File (ROM)

Download Samsung SM-T390 also known as Galaxy Tab Active 2 Combination Firmware or Combination File which is also known as Combination ROM from here. The given Combination Firmware, File or ROM is for Binary 3 (Bit 3) and works for all Galaxy Tab Active 2 SM-T390 models which is running on Binary 1, Binary 2 & Binary 3 (Bit 1, Bit 2 & Bit 3).

What is Samsung Combination Firmware File or Combination ROM?

Samsung Combination Firmware, Combination File or Combination ROM file is a raw ROM for engineers and developers to run the device and can fully read and/or test the equipment of the device. Combination File is also called Factory Software and/or Factory Binary that helps developers to check up the device’s hardware. It is also similar to the Service menu and shows the complete device information. Some features of Combination Firmware are:

  • It helps to unlock the Google Account device protection which is also known as Google FRP (Factory Reset Protection) which is caused by Abnormal Factory Reset and/or Software Installations/Upgrades.
  • It helps to fix the Device Root Key error which is also known as DRK error.
  • It helps to fix the Samsung Devices which are Stuck in Samsung logo and/or Stuck in Recovery Mode.
  • It helps to remove Samsung Account Protection which is also known as Reactivation Lock.
  • It helps solving the problems of Baseband and/or Imei number and Serial Number problems.
  • It also helps to Downgrade the ROM or OS (downgrading is inverse of updating. When you update your phone’s OS, you might feel like the previous version was better to use, and if you regret it, you can install the previous OS with help of combination file. This process is called Downgrading).

How to choose or check the correct Combination Firmware, File or Rom?

Every combination firmware file is made up of some phrases. For example look at this combination file’s name: COMBINATION_OXA_FA60_J710FXXU1AQB3
and these phrases are explained below:

OXA = CSC Build. It is the Code of countries you live, and from this code you can find the file that would work in your country.

Click here to see the list of CSC codes

FA60 = Android Version

J710F = Model of your phone device

XXU = Build Number of your phone device

QB3 = last character of combination file’s name which shows firmware released year, month and number of revision.

Revision List:
1 = Revision 1
2 = Revision 2
3 = Revision 3
4 = Revision 4
5 = Revision 5
6 = Revision 6
7 = Revision 7
8 = Revision 8
9 = Revision 9
A = Revision 10
B = Revision 11
C = Revision 12
D = Revision 13
E = Revision 14
F = Revision 15

Publishing Month list:
A = January
B = February
C = March
D = April
E = May
F = June
G = July
H = August
I = September
J = October
K = November
L = December

Publishing Year list:
O = 2015
P = 2016
Q = 2017
R = 2018

Android Version List:
FA70 = Android 7 Nougat
FA60 = Android 6 Marshmallow
FA51 = Android 5.1 Lollipop
FA50 = Android 5.0 Lollipop
FA44 = Android 4.4 KitKat
FA43 = Android 4.3 Jelly Bean
FAJP = Android Jelly Bean
FTMA = Tizen OS

COMBINATION_OXA_FA60_J710FXXU1AQB3 = 2017 – February– Revision 3

Requirements to flash Samsung Combination Firmware File or ROM.

The following things are needed to flash Samsung Combination Firmware File or ROM on your device.

  • Pc or Laptop
  • Odin or Professional Tools
  • Combination Firmware File or Rom
  • High speed Usb Data Cable
  • Samsung Usb Drivers
  • Patience

How to Flash Samsung Combination Firmware File or ROM?

  • Extract and unzip the downloaded Combination Firmware Rom file on your Windows PC.
  • Right click on Odin flash tool and click on Run as Administrator.
  • Boot your Samsung device into the download mode. Power off the device then press and hold “Power button, Home button and Volume down button” together for about 6 – 10 seconds.
  • After a window appears with a yellow triangular warning mark, press the “Volume Up” key to navigate to Odin Download mode. Then the window will change to another one that displaying “Downloading” and “Do not turn off target!!” text.
  • Connect the smart mobile device to the computer using a recommended USB cable. The flash tool will detect your device automatically and will display a message as added in the left lower white area.
  • Click on “PDA” or “AP” button. This will depend on the application version you download.
  • The previously clicked button will appear a window to load firmware file to the application.
  • After selecting the firmware file select “Start” button to continue the procedure. Do not disconnect or operate your smart device while process.
  • After successful flashing manner, this tool will display you a green color button as “Reset” or “Pass”. This message may depend on your application version.

Download Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 SM-T390 Combination Firmware File or ROM.

Download Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 SM-T390 Combination Firmware File or Rom for Binary 3 (Bit 3) from here:


Combination Firmware File or ROM Details:

Company Samsung
Combination Model Galaxy Tab Active 2
Model Number SM-T390
Combination Version J337AUCU4ARK1
File Size 515 MB
Binary (Bit) 3

Happy Flashing!!!